Resimlerle ÇATES 1-2

Catalagzi Thermoelectric Power Plants 1 and 2

with historical CTPP 1 and private CTPP 2 photos







METROPOLITAN VICKERS from England built CATALAGZI 1 (A) POWER PLANT in 1946 to 1948 in Zonguldak/Turkey. 6*20 MW turbines and generators of the  Catalagzi 1 (A) Power Plant were made by Metropolitan Vickers. The steam boilers (use coal powder) of the 6*20 MW units were made by BABCOCK & WILCOX (section type boilers) from England. After the comissioning of the Catalagzi power plant in 1948, around of the power plant was called as ISIKVEREN (in eastern side of Catalagzi town) with meaning of 'light giver' and eastern area of Isikveren was Kazkoy or Gazkoy with meaning of Gasoline/Petrol Village; because of there was a Gasoline/Petrol Station in it (that station is still existent with OFLU PETROL name, it is a supplier of Petrol Ofisi. Until 1970s, there was not electrical power in some areas of Muslu and Isikveren ! And, people was using Gas Oil or Kerosene for lighting houses). And that area/ward was part of Muslu village. Nowadays, Muslu is a big village or town which contains 3 villages (KAZKOY, MUSLU, EMIRKOY) and 5000 people. Kazkoy is western side of Muslu with new 'Cumhuriyet Mahallesi' (Republican Ward) name; people avoided continue to use Kazkoy name due to Kazkoy name means "Goose Village" instead of "Gasoline Village" and people did not want to be called as Goose!

The second power plant (B1 unit, 150 MW) built by Kutlutas which is a constructor company from Turkey and Mitsubishi from Japan (as Steam Turbine Manufacturer) and Transelektro (Hungarian) company (as coal powder, water & steam generation systems) and the electronic/electric systems constructor Etmas (Turkey) & Siemens AG. The second Catalagzi power plant (B2 unit, 150 MW) built by same consortium which led by Transelektro, as turn-key. Except the thermical power plants, Catalagzi region has coal mining installations which belong to TTK (a state coal-mining company has least 15000 workers) and railway installations which belong to TCDD (a state company) and a seaside exit in Kazkoy. Usually, people (men) are workers or were workers in TTK, TCDD or CATES (CTPP). See
cates_b2.html for other images and info by TRANSELEKTRO, Hungary.


A Private and Historical Picture

Ismet Inonu visiting Catalagzi Power Plant
(The unique original photo about the Plant&Inonu)

The second Republican President (after Mustafa Kemal Ataturk)
Ismet Inonu is visiting Catalagzi Power Plant (in 1948?)
(Ataturk had decided to build that plant but it was realized in time of Inonu)

A visiting to CTPP 1 (another historical photo as above, original&unique)

A photo of CTPP 1 during its building time

Steam boiler control panel of CTPP 1, Unit/Boiler 6

The mill of CTPP 1 (Coal Powder Mill)

A close turbine view of CTPP 1 (6*20 MegaWatts)

Second picture of that turbine

Third picture (full view) of that 20 MW turbine


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