The first historical evindence of Zonguldak name in its region is ZINKILDAIK village (since 18th century).


The herdsman "Uzun Mehmet" from Kestaneci village of Eregli, found the first Coal Pieces at the Köseagzi coast area of (Neyren brook in) Eregli town, in 1829.

After that, French Mining Companies placed on the western black sea (Eregli) coal sources. One of those places was near to "Zinkildaik" village in today's Zonguldak region. By time, 'ZINKILDAIK' name had been changed to 'ZONE-GOUL-DAK' and finally became 'ZONGULDAK'.

At the beginning of 20th century, Zonguldak was a little village and mining center. But, it grew in a short time. Zonguldak is the first province of the new Turkish Republic (after Ottoman Empire times). Currently, Zonguldak province divided to 3 provinces in 1990s: Zonguldak, Bartin and Karabük.

Importance of Zonguldak does not depend on coal mining, only. Also, there are two iron-steel plants in Eregli and Karabük towns and thermical power plants in Çatalagzi-Muslu region of Zonguldak coast line. And Zonguldak-Ankara railway. Filyos Valley and Çaycuma with big industrial potential in future. Zonguldak has dark forests on the around of it. Green-Blue and Black are symbolic colours of Zonguldak province... (Forest-Sea-Coal)...

Zinkildaik in the map dated 1809.
Zonguldak was named as ZINKILDAIK in Turkey map dated 1809 . 


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