Muslu Filyos Kazköy Çatalagzi Zonguldak

Göbü Sahili - Trenyolu - Karayolu- Tepeköy

 Gobu Images by Tuna Aratoglu        

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Scenery Introduction:
On above photograph, you see the west half of Göbü natural (Free Camping) beach is on right. The center of Göbü village is on left of the photograph scene, you don't see it on the photograph. You see a road which continues up to as a snake; it is Zonguldak-Hisarönü (Filyos) road. The back side of the opposite mountain is Muslu village (on the west). The top section of the forest on top of the photograph is Tepeköy hill which is the most significant scenery point of the Muslu-Göbü region. You see new buildings on left of Göbü Coast. If you want to look at another view of this wonderfull beach please visit the next page: gobu_2004_2.htmlSEVDALILAR BENi ANLAR by Ferdi Tayfur

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