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Mugada Village & East of Mugada Beach  [ August 2002 ]

West section of Mugada beach [ © Erdogan Tan - 2002 ]
A far view to Kizilkum and Filyos from Mugada

  • MUGADA: Mugada is a little village of BARTIN province. Mugada is on Saltukova-Inkumu coast road. You can go to Mugada from Filyos (or Çaycuma) by following coast road from Saltukova town, or you can goto Mugada from Bartin. By sea route, from west to east, beaches are in Filyos-Sazköy-Kizilkum-Mugada-Güzelcehisar-Inkumu order. Kizilkum and Mugada beaches have yellow sands (like desert sands). Filyos beaches have gray (white) sands like sands of Göbü, Türkali, Akcisu beaches. Sazköy beach is on sea end of Filyos river and Sazköy beach is not most proper for swimming but has a nice scene . Inkumu beach has yellow sands, too. Mugada beach is proper for sea-camping and natural view tours. (Mugada is called as Mogada, also.)
  • See big map (from Zonguldak to Amasra): zong_map1b.jpg
  • See detailed map (from Zonguldak to Mugada): zong_map1c.jpg
  • KIZILKUM: Kizilkum beach is a long beach. You can goto Kizilkum beach from Büyük (Big) Kizilkum village, or from Küçük (Little) Kizilkum village. Kizilkum villages are on Saltukova-Inkumu coast (sea side) road. Meaning of "Kizilkum" word in Turkish is "Red-Sand" in English.
  • SALTUKOVA, ÇAYCUMA, BARTIN, AMASRA, CIDE: Saltukova is a town of Zonguldak province which has an airport (which is not in use) and large flat areas (plains). Saltukova is between Filyos (Hisarönü) and Çaycuma towns. Other name of Saltukova is Kokaksu. Çaycuma is a famous town and district of Zonguldak province (Also, Bartin and Amasra were districtes of Zonguldak province). Çaycuma is on Zonguldak-Ankara and Bartin-Ankara road (after Devrek from Ankara). Also, Saltukova and Çaycuma are on Ankara-Zonguldak railway. For going to Bartin, Inkumu and Amasra or Cide, you need to pass through Çaycuma town. Other way (for going to Bartin, Amasra and Cide towns) is Karabuk-Safranbolu-Bartin road. Cide has a short road from Kastamonu (or from Azdavay) but it is not completed yet.
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